Foreign student’s payment schedule.

Foreign student’s payment schedule.

President Abdul Hamid Medical College has fixed admission fee for foreign students as follow:


Seat booking=                                                                            U$D    2,000

During Admission=                                                                   U$D    14,000

Payable at the month of July 19. =                                        U$D    5000

Payable at the month of July 20. =                                         U$D    5000

Payable at the month of July 21.=                                          U$D    5000

Payable at the month of July 22.=                                          U$D    2000

Total (including seat rent, session fee &  tuition fee)=        U$D    33,000



  1. Any new fees imposed by Govt./VAT has to borne by the student.
  2. For any session loss, yearly session  charges, tuition fees,hostel charges and other charges (if any ) shall be borne by the student.
  3. For any withdrawal/transfer within 10 days from the date of admission U$D 2000 will be deducted and after 10 days U$D 6000 will be deducted.
  4. Payment should be made through only remittance to our bank in favour of President Abdul Hamid Medical College.
  5. Any charges in the admission rules should be followed according to order of Govt. of people republic of Bangladesh.
  6. These fees are excluding meal charge, Prof. Exam  fee and study tour.