Our Students

Our students bring to the college a richness of personal and academic accomplishments creating a vibrant environment for their learning and individual growth.

Our students come from urban, suburban, and rural areas of Bangladesh, as well as from SAARC countries. They come from a variety of undergraduate schools, including the Ivy League, small liberal arts colleges, and state institutions. They are fresh out of college. They come from various places and backgrounds but one thing is common to all of them. They are all very bright and high achieving students and at minimum, they scored 4.5 out of 5 in their 12th-grade examination. In addition, they had to sit in a national medical college entry exam. Last year, 90 thousand students took this examination nationwide and only 14 thousand became eligible to get admission to medical colleges across the country. Our college gets about 90 students out of that nationwide selected pool.

Being bright and conscientious, our students drive themselves and each other to succeed, valuing their camaraderie and using it to work together in small groups in and out of the classroom setting. This is also an active and compassionate group with a commitment to service and community involvement. They possess the strength of character and keen intellect. These attributes in combination will help them become future leaders in patient care, research, and medical education