Message from the Chairperson

We are pleased to inform you that President Abdul Hamid Medical College (PAHMC) has made great strides in achieving the goals it set out at its inception. It is right-fully proud of its accomplishments in a very short span of time. Our students have performed brilliantly on their respective Professional Exams and overall the pass rate is more than 85%. I personally congratulate the students for the superb performance and also express my gratitude towards the teachers for guiding the students. In pursuit of our goals, we have assembled the

best teachers in the medical profession who have vast teaching experience and strong academic background. On the other hand, our students are also getting first-hand experience of the sufferings of the underprivileged people by interacting with them directly. We believe this experience will serve as a reminder to the students about their role as doctors to the society in large.

The fundamental purpose of this college is to serve the humanity. We will not only produce high skilled doctors but doctors with strong work ethics who will understand the pain and sufferings of the most destitute people. It is imperative that our doctors work selflessly and tirelessly, especially in the rural sector where health care is scarce and inaccessible.

The Hospital wing of President Abdul Hamid Medical College under Abdul Halim Khan Foundation started its operation on December 14. This hospital is completely a non-profit organization and not a single Taka will be taken by the Board Members; I can state this with full confidence because of my involvement with the Foundation as its Chairperson from its origin. In keeping true to our motto of serving the humanity, we regularly take initiatives such as free of cost operations of cataract, vaginal prolapse, cleft lip and club-foot. The setting of our hospital at Karimganj under Kishoreganj district gives us a great opportunity to serve the people of this area which is lagging behind both in health care and education from other regions of the country. The hospital is a centre of hope for the people of remote areas and we are totally committed to provide with the best medical care possible. Accordingly, we have incorporated state of the art operation theatres and modern dialysis centre in our hospital and initiated other medical services.

I take this opportunity to express my gratefulness to the founders, faculty members, doctors and all the supporting facilities who worked very hard to make PAHMC a success. We are also grateful to the government and our well-wishers who remain our constant sources of inspiration.


Mrs. Rashida Hamid
Chairperson, President Abdul Hamid Medical College

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